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1 Hour Ergonomics Training, In-Person

1 Hour Ergonomics

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1 Hour Workplace Ergonomics Training

1 Hour Ergonomics Training is an important part of workplace safety. Effective training will cover various areas including principles of ergonomics and their applications, proper use of equipment and tools, and good work practices including proper lifting techniques. Experience in ergonomics will help you and your company reduce incident rates and maximize employee productivity, making participating in this training a benefit for both the employer and employee.


NYC DOB SST Requirement (Local law 196)

The 1 Hour Workplace Ergonomics training class falls under “Site Safety Training (SST) Specialized Elective Courses” and will be accepted for use towards acquiring a SST Card.


For a list of all SST courses please visit the DOB’s website here.

CEUs (Continuing Education Units)



CEU Requirements

  1. 100% attendance for the Ergonomics Certification Training Program
  2. Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form
  3. Active participation in all class exercises (determined by course instructor)
  4. Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment
  5. As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score on required end-of-course examination
  6. Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)


Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain what is meant by ergonomics
  2. Understand effective workplace practices and programs
  3. Understand different ergonomic risk factors
  4. Learn how to reduce risk factors
  5. Ergonomic training certification

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